We are young team of beard enthusiasts on a MISSION, to create worlds best natural beard care products, to bring the end of itchy and dry beards and beardruff, to make men even more manly and sexier.



It all started as a hobby in 2021 and after many failed attempts we finally created our first beard oil worthy of the gods and that was Ymir's Blood. But we didn't stop there, after many sleepless nights we developed our first beard balm. In the beginning of the year 2022 our hobby became a business where we aim to use only the best quality natural ingredients, no chemical bs. Our products are and will be hand made forever, because the quality of the product is very important to us.

Join us brother let us fix your itchy and dry beard and get you ready for the raid. What are you waiting for brother?

Quickly, ship leaves at dawn!

Wait For Me!